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We have hundreds of westerns and serials and encourage you to download our comprehensive film listings which are shown below. If you can't find the title(s) you're looking for, please call us at:  828-524-5251 or e-mail us at:

Our film listings are in Adobe portable document format (pdf) which you can download, view, print and save:
Comet Western Film list (filename is: comet-westerns.pdf)
Comet Serials list (filename is: comet-serials.pdf)

Western Specials for 2016

We have extended our double feature special all the way through 2016. It was so successful last year we wanted everyone to take advantage of this great deal for another 12 months.

You get three double features for $35.00 plus $6.00 postage for up to 6 double features. Add $1.00 postage for each additional double feature.

Download our westerns listing, pick your titles, and get busy ordering some great entertainment.

Serial Specials for 2016

We have extended our serial special all the way through 2016. It was so successful last year we wanted everyone to take advantage of this great deal for another 12 months.

For 2016 choose any three serials from our awesome list of serial titles and pay only $35.00 plus $6.00 shipping for up to 6 serials. Add $1.00 postage for each additional serial.

Download our serials listing and choose your titles.

Shipping Info and Charges:

Please call after 2 weeks to confirm receipt of your order and allow 3 weeks for delivery.

U. S. Customers - all packages are 1st Class / Priority Mail to U. S. addresses:
East of the Mississippi: 1 to 6 DVDs / $6.00; 7 - 20 DVDs / $12.00
West of the Mississippi (includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Military APO): 1 to 6 DVDs / $6.00; 7 to 20 DVDs / $12.00; 21 to 30 DVDs / $15.00

Canadian Customers:
$9.00 U. S. for first DVD / $1.00 U. S. for each additional DVD

Overseas Customers:
$9.00 U. S. minimum (please e-mail or call for quote)

To maintain our level of Quality and Customer Satisfaction, we offer the following:

Satisfaction Guarantee: if you have a problem with a DVD, we expect you to contact us immediately and we will correct it for you.

Credit Card Payment: as a convenience for our customers, we accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover. Be sure to include card number, expiration date and telephone number with area code.

Kathy and Tommy Hildreth
The proprietors of Comet Westerns:
Kathy and Tommy Hildreth
It has been a privilege for me, in the past 35 years, to see my hobby develop into a business.

My love for the B-Westerns and Serials is such that I will not jeopardize it in any way. If you find a title that you feel violates a copyright law, or belongs to you, please make me aware of the situation immediately. It will be researched and corrected if necessary. Our list is used for record-keeping purposes, as well as sale and trade.

Tommy Hildreth


Can't remember a film title. Do you want to see a listing of films with your favorite western or serial hero or heroine? Search the Internet Movie Database:

Chuck Anderson's Old Corral website has lots of info and photos on all of the cowboy heroes, heroines, villains, sidekicks and supporting players that rode the silver screen in B westerns from 1930 - 1954:

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